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     Hey, Im Jake. Im an asipiring career cinematographer, who, for the past eight years has been working in darkrooms, rental houses, and on-set gaining technical and practical experience to further develop my passion for Cinematography. 


     Currently I am working as a Prep Technician at Keslow Camera, a premiere rental house located in Los Angeles, CA. I work daily to provide intensive and accurate technical support to some of the industries most demanding camera crews, and top cinematographers. The list of past clients include: The Walt Disney Company, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, LucasFilmLlc., The A.S.C., and IMAX.



 From film lab technician, camera assistant and operator, to director of photography in my own right, I have worked across the broad spectrum of the film industry; Creating media ranging from music videos and indie shorts, to investigative documentary work and crew positions on major motion pictures.

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